Instead of purchasing one whole basket of "morning (and not only) goods", by preferring our "Flavour Boosters" you create an almost complete Hellenic shelf at home. Variety of flavors in equal products. 

Lots of choices in the same packaging. Tastes, textures and  colors  that complete and satisfies even the most demanding taste buds.

A five-star breakfast (and not only), beautiful flavors for the entire family for more than a week. 

Informative packaging, already recycled and 100% recyclable.

Ultimate quality-lots of ideas-one philosophy, to exceed your expectations. Your needs excite our creativity, take the advantage of it.


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why us 2


Certified Quality

There is an ongoing and continuous process of checking every product before we purchase it, in order to offer it first to our family and then to you, without regret. Every member of our team, provider, associate or producer is happy to share with us any kind of necessary certification regarding anything that may be needed. So, within the very specific features we ask for in our products, we are very positive for sharing anything you need to know about anything you hold in your hands. Any soon, there will be a full catalogue with the entire team’s certifications.


Copper basin with jam from pears close-up on a wooden table, selective focus.


Clean label

A clean label is a label on a food, not listing ingredients that may be perceived by consumers as undesirable. Substances having a negative connotation, for example food additives like food colouring, flavours or preservatives are avoided. The packaging may explicitly display positive claims like 'natural', 'without colouring and preservatives', 'no artificial preservatives'.


Our Team

Associated Laboratories - HACCP / ISO

Honey Suppliers

Harvested from our happy hives.

Jam / Marmelade Suppliers

Tahini Suppliers

tahini suppliers

Tea / Herbs Suppliers

Croutons Suppliers

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Dry Nuts Suppliers