The Idea

Pure, traditional, tasty, healthy products, ambassadors of the Mediterranean diet, as in the past, tested and certified, lots of flavours together in a complete product that exceeds your expectations.

- A "Hellenic Shelf" in your home

The Idea

Our Products

We carefully select our products from local producers, and ensure the proper certification and standardization. All the products we offer are labeled with our own branding. We combine similar products and flavours that match together, in an informative packaging. You can eat them as they are or combine them with products of your local cuisine as… Flavour Boosters!


Hellenic Shelf products

The innovation

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We place different flavors of similar products in the same packaging in order to reveal within the ultimate Taste, Knowledge and Comparison.

The Joy of Combination and the Pleasure of Variety is the breaking out of the ordinary, along with the guarantee of HELLENIC SHELF so, catch the Benefit!

While having a “Flavour Booster” by HELLENIC SHELF you take a deep dive into the Greek traditional taste and way of eating. Through our website you have the opportunity to realize what difference does it makes by choosing us for this trip.

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Thyme | Blossom | Pine | Oak

Interesting to Know

Why Us

We are inspired by your needs.
You, just take the advantage of it!


In a professional context it is advisable to involve both public and privet scientific bodies in order to have an as valid as possible result.


Hight Quality

…and this is why we do not believe but know, that our products are of excellent quality. It is the specifications we ask for you and the certifications we insist on collecting from our partners.

hellenic shelf
Serving Suggestions

Serving Suggestions

All these serving suggestions we mention on the packaging and even more that follow on our website pages have one course and only, to excite your imagination. Our goal will be to put you in a mood of making the most delicious experiments finally a way of life.
Hellenic Shelf Serving Suggestions


Greek products, ambassadors of the Mediterranean cuisine are the definition of healthy eating!


Use what you have in your kitchen cupboards or fridge. Let us inspire you. All you have to do is mix and match.


Combine healthy meals with imagination and you have creativity. Colors, Textures, Balances and Contrasts makes you wonder why is this the first time!

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