Recipes with Dried Fruit / Raisins

dried fruits hellenic shelf


For all the above reasons, we understand that if we like the taste of dried fruits even a little bit, it is good to eat as often as possible, even a small amount of them, in order to maintain our health at legal levels.


Of course, doctors are the ones who always have the final word, but I am quite sure that unless someone has specific health problems that prohibit them from eating dried fruits, any doctor would recommend them for our daily diet. We need to understand that with certain foods we can help our body to keep itself in a much better condition than it would be if we didn’t eat them, and why not overcome some of the obstacles we face, in a natural way.


We eat this real superfood with almost everything and especially, with our breakfast. Their compact texture gives a different dimension to everything we add them to – if we don’t prefer them plain in our car or on public transport on the way to work or school – by cutting them into very small pieces and adding them to our yoghurt or cereal.


If you haven’t done it by now, it’s never too late. If you’ve done it once, it’s never too late to start again. If you’re already doing it, good for you, you’re doing great!


Although herbal tea has a very nice and distinctive taste, many people prefer a side dish with it, such as kind of croutons, a piece of cheese to contrast the taste, honey of course, but in many cases, depending on preferences, dried fruit is an excellent suggestion.


Don’t forget that in this case we are combining the branches of nature with the fruits of nature! A particularly bracing tea with some dried fruit, at all times of the day, is a tasty – quality and fitting combination that we love.


So, here we have a wonderful combination that causes only pleasant surprises. Green /fresh salads are the epitome of healthy eating and are the dish where we can intervene as subtly or as strongly as we want on all levels, whether in flavours or textures. We highly recommend dried fruit and raisins for your salads.


Their mild sweetness will add a wonderful tone to anything you put on them and will further enhance intense flavors such as vinegar, Dijon mustard, olive oil etc. In addition, their chewy texture will nicely balance the crunchiness of vegetables and croutons. Don’t overdo it, they don’t need much, they need very small pieces or raisins. You’ll love it.


Homemade yogurt bowl with granola on black table, healthy and diet breakfast, top view

As we have mentioned elsewhere, Greek yoghurt, apart from being a wonderful product in all aspects, is also a base where we can combine a million -in a matter of speaking- things. Along with cereals, walnuts and honey or whole fruit in syrup, throw in the bowl a couple of tablespoons of very small pieces of dried fruit and raisins.

Mixture of dried fruit and nuts called trail mix, in a small bowl. Dessert from granola,yogurt,nuts and dried apricot in a glass.

You’ll be amazed by the sensation in your mouth as the creamy texture of the yogurt mixes with the other crunchy elements, and the delight of the chewy raisins. You will understand every single flavour and texture in your mouth and you’ll adore them all together at once. Remember, it’s not all in the taste, but also in the color and texture. Otherwise, we’d eat them all in the blender.


The truth is that dried fruit is not used very often in cooking. Perhaps because they are more reminiscent of holidays, when we try to “outdo ourselves” in the kitchen; However, from the research I have done on either savory or sweet recipes, their use does not require any special cooking skills, just, a willingness for a slightly sweet and aromatic note that changes surprisingly the character of the dish you so lovingly prepare for your family and friends.

If, for example, for your pork or chicken, instead of oven-baked potatoes you glaze dried fruits and raisins with chestnuts and pine nuts and use a little of the meat broth in them in their cooking…. I think you’re already thinking about the next recipe!


About the sweet recipes I don’t know what to mention first. Small pies with fresh and dried fruit in the oven? Homemade ice cream with pieces of dried fruit for garnish? Cake with dried fruit? With chocolate, sweetened milk and yoghurt and anything else you can imagine, don’t just use them at Christmas time, you’ll miss out!

Of course, there are so many ways to enjoy the above products, we just, as friends, give you some ideas and some solutions. You, investigate even further and for anything you are not too sure about, ask the experts.

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