Recipes with croutons



It’s very nice and very interesting to combine flavours and textures, especially when it comes to contrasts. Wonderful Greek aromatic herbal tea, Mediterranean flavours and aromas that take our thoughts back to people who, although we have almost nothing in common with, we still taste exactly the same flavours.


And what do we pair tea with, without changing that feeling? With toasted bread, today’s croutons, made from pure traditional ingredients and only, with flavours that reminds our taste buds what simplicity, quality and tradition is.


Croutons pair perfectly with any creamy -or not so- soup and they are Dream-additions for some specific ones, you know better which they are. It happens to be the combination of textures we’ve mention above.


These little crispy bites of Mediterranean flavours in the middle of your bowl will offer you, apart from the gourmet style of looks, another tone to your favorite recipe.


Salads are one of the healthiest, freshest, tastiest and guilt-free meals. We can eat as much as we want, and then we can eat some more.


The great thing about fresh salads – we’re referring to these kinds of salads now – is that, appart from the fact that we put in whatever is growing this season – and that’s something mighty important for our health- we also give it extra great flavor with those magical ingredients like pure virgin olive oil, quality vinegar from good wine, honey, in many cases lemon and of course aromatic herbs, which, each of them is a little treasure in our kitchen. Well, think of all these being absorbed by the wonderful croutons you will find in our packaging.


Here things get even more difficult in terms of description. Imagine you have a delicious sauce, whether it’s mayonnaise-based, tomato-based, or a paste of peppers, eggplant, hummus, olives, or whatever you can imagine, and you dip crispy,


Greek, flavorful and aromatic croutons in it. I get the impression that we all have the same image in our minds, soiled clothes and fingers, and a face full of delight.


From a plate of cheese, we can enjoy flavours that we either bring or source from all over the world. It must be good! Cheese is a flavor that usually explodes in our mouth, and sometimes we need to balance it with something, to enjoy them even more. When that isn’t something acidic like fruit and wine or sweet like jams and chutneys, croutons are the ones to save the day.


And let’s not forget here that when we want to balance something of quality, we have to do it with quality products. The intensely flavoured croutons we offer have the stamp of both homemade quality and traditional Greek deliciousness, usually enjoyed with your eyes closed. You don’t need to have travelled to Greece to understand, some things you understand anyway.

Of course, there are so many ways to enjoy the above products, we just, as friends, give you some ideas and some solutions. You, investigate even further and for anything you are not too sure about, ask the experts.

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