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Sugar acts as a natural preservative and that is why it was mixed with fruit and water, to create concoctions that will have all the characteristics of a fruit which will be able to be preserved for a long time after fruiting. The preparation of jam also helps in the consumption of fruits that would not otherwise be consumed (eg quince), as well as in the consumption of parts of the fruit that we would normally throw away (eg the peel of citrus fruits). A jam is considered successful if it retains the color and taste of the fruit we use.

The jam is made with fruit, water, sugar and an acidic substance (lemon). Its difference from the “spoon sweet” is that it is pureed fruit, while in the spoon sweet, the fruit is whole or in pieces.
Normally, the jam mostly takes the color of the fruit we use which is also due to its nutrients. So jam can be red for example because of the flavonoids of the fruit, orange because of the carotid coke.

Do Jams have vitamins?

Fruits are the main source of minerals and vitamins, which is why they occupy a leading role in our diet. The antioxidants contained in the fruits in the jams seem to remain after their processing and in the same quantity as the existing flavonoids in the natural fruit.

In other words, because its main ingredient is fruit, jam nutritionally belongs to the group of fruit’s equivalents. Obviously it is not the same, but it is only a short way off. Of course, we refer to CLEAL LABEL jams made with pure ingredients and traditional method
The jams you will enjoy from HELLENIC SHELF contain 70%-80% fruit!!!

Where are they consumed?

All kinds of Cheese, Cookies, Sweets, Breakfast, Brunch, Pancakes and more.

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