The Spoon Sweet / Whole Fruits or Pieces in Syrup

Spoon sweet

The fruits used for spoon sweets should be fresh and in their best form and time (not unripe, not too ripe).

Sugar or glucose is the natural preservative of sweets, which prevents various microorganisms from growing and creating various problems. 

The acidity agent is added at the end so as not to make the sweet sugary. In the homemade jams enjoyed by HELLENIC SHELF, CLEAN LABEL the sharpening medium is the natural lemon. 

The Greek Tradition

Spoon sweet is considered a traditional Greek product and was created thousands of years ago to fulfill the need for the preservation of fruit and most of their nutrients. Either if there were the leftovers from the harvest, or because they wanted to preserve them edible for a long time afterwards, or to be able to consume fruits or parts of them that are not consumed fresh.

The term spoon sweet came centuries later when, due to their wonderful taste, our ancestors treated their guests as a “welcome”, either in a small quantity,  for instance a small spoon, or with a spoon because of the syrup, which has the same wonderful flavour as the fruit.

Even today they constitute the traditional treat, the sweetest welcome the visitor to a Greek house, offering it with a glass of cool water and a cup of Greek coffee. 

Perfectly accompanies ice cream, yogurt, cereals and in many cases a platter of cheese and in many cases a platter of cheeses and more.

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